Editors' Picks 2016: Armscor XT-22 Pistol

Armscor had what may prove to be one of the most popular new guns available once it actually hits the market.

Tested: Rock Island Armory Baby Rock

The small Rock Island Armory Baby Rock, a reduced-size M1911 chambered in .380 ACP, is loaded with features typically reserved for more expensive 1911s.

NRA Gun of the Week: Rock Island TCM ROCK Target FS HC Pistol

American Rifleman's Joe Kurtenbach looks at a double-stack M1911 this week, with a twist.

SHOT Show 2017: Rock Island Armory XT-22 Pistol

If you are a fan of both the .22 Mag. cartridge and the 1911 pistol, word from Rock Island Armory is that its XT-22 1911 pistol will be released third quarter of 2017.

Tested: The .22 TCM Cartridge

Whether hot-rodding an M1911 or mid-range varminting, the .22 TCM is poised to please. Anything with “Micromagnum” in its name was sure to get our attention.

A Look Back At The M1911 Double-Stack

The story of the “high-capacity” M1911 pistol began more than a quarter-century ago. Once the province of small makers for action-pistol sports, the wide-body M1911, though not as popular the original single-stack, is still going strong.

SHOT Show 2018: Rock Island Armory Big Rock 10 mm

The company has leap-frogged to the other end of the spectrum with its 10 mm Rock Ultra—or "Big Rock"—Series 70 pistol.

SHOT Show 2018: Rock Island Armory XTM22 Pistol

The XTM22 pistol is based on the company's Series 70, retaining most of the properties of a 1911.

Editors’ Picks 2018: Rock Island Armory Traditional Single-Shot 12-Gauge Shotgun

Rock Island Armory is now offering an entire catalog of shotguns, ranging in operation from single-shots and pump-actions to autoloaders and over-unders, and running the gamut from defensive, tactical-style platforms to sporting and competition configurations.

NRA Gun of the Week: Rock Island Armory XT 22 Pistol

American Rifleman's Kelly Young reviews an M1911-style pistol chambered for .22 WMR.

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