Redring for Home Defense?

It’s primarily designed for clay sports and is far from ideal, but with the right setup it will hold bad guys at bay until authorities arrive.

Clean Sweep For The Holidays

Tired of wrapping slightly off-target gifts for the shooter on your list?

Deployed Decisions: Care Packages For 'Over There'

Do you have a great gift idea for someone in the Sandbox? It is, after all, a time for sharing, so let’s hear them.

Industry Generosity: Companies Give Back

Some people have no idea how much the shooting industry really cares.

No Wrapping Necessary

Sometimes the greatest gifts do not arrive during the holidays. I received some great ones during a stressful self-defense situation, and this is the time of year for thanks.

Make Some Luck This Year

Photographs of bullets in flight may be eye candy, but if there’s any place where stunning photos can be created by nearly anyone with a camera, it’s the range.

Mechanical Zero: What Is It?

Even before it’s mounted, there’s some math involved to harness your riflescope’s full potential.

Plano Cases: You Know The Name

Plano is a familiar name to anyone who has ever wet a line, and now the company is gaining a serious foothold in the shooting industry.

Hard Target Defense Tactics

Criminals prefer easy victims, according to a member of a Baltimore-area SWAT team.

Excuses And Further Restrictions

California’s officials need to improve the wording of its handgun regulations to make them more understandable for their constituency. Here are my suggestions.

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