A Look Back At The Ruger No. 1

William Batterman Ruger is best known for his innovative mind in the firearm industry. One of his best-known designs is the Ruger No. 1.

A Look Back At The Mauser C96

At first look, the Mauser C96 seems as ungainly as a newborn colt. Its weight and bulk hardly lends itself to any modern notion of a carry gun, but a closer inspection reveals a gracefulness in construction no longer seen in today’s pistols.

A Look Back at the Remington Model 8

Who designed the first successful semi-automatic rifle capable of handling any North American big game? Guess…

A Look Back At The Smith & Wesson J-Frames

Big staying power comes in a small package, apparently, as the Smith & Wesson J-frame revolver has been with us for a long time.

The Japanese Nambu: A Look Back

The Japanese Nambu pistol is a wartime relic that lives on in a way as one of our nation's most popular rimfire semi-autos.

The Winchester Model 61: A Look Back

Originally intended to be a modernization of an old classic, the Winchester Model 61 is a slide-action rimfire that's now a classic of its own.

The P08 Luger: A Look Back

The P08 Luger was one of the first successful semi-automatic pistols that laid the groundwork for today’s modern EDC guns.

A Look Back at the Winchester Model 88 Rifle

This bolt-action rifle operated by a lever was ahead of its time.

A Look Back at the Ithaca Model 37 Shotgun

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride, this pump shotgun has always enjoyed a loyal following.

A Look Back at the Remington XP-100 Pistol

Big Green’s futuristic pistol ushered in the exotic single-shot hunting pistols 53 years ago.

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