The Truth About Gun Shows

Attacks on guns shows are about exploiting a lack of knowledge on the part of the general public.

The Business Of The Second Amendment

Emotional links resonate with consumers, and the firearms industry is blessed with one of the best.

Green Berets Take on Anti-Gunners

The Special Forces Association stated its support for the Second Amendment during its 2013 Convention.

Beretta USA Expanding Operations, Opening Facility in Tennessee

The world's oldest firearms manufacturer has announced its plans to open a new manufacturing facility in Gallatin, Tenn.

Detroit Police Chief Reiterates Gun-Rights Support

Detroit Police Chief James Craig is not backing down in his staunch support for law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.

CA Waiting Period Deemed Unconstitutional for Existing Gun Owners

Victory for California gun owners as a federal judge significantly limits the state's gun-purchase 10-day waiting period.

Editor's Choice: Palladium Press Ensemble

Palladium has done the modern reader a service by preserving these great writings on the shooting arts and on foundational American values.

Hero In Blue

A few details are surfacing on the May 3 gunfight between a police officer in Garland, Texas, and two heavily armed terrorists with body armor. His story showcases the dedication law enforcement has in its duty to protect and serve and the professionalism we too often take for granted.

Archives: The Price of Individual Rights

The real issue of the American Revolutionary War was between the idea that man exists for the benefit of the State and the idea that the State exists for the benefit of man. The real issue was the political independence of the individual.

UC Merced Hero Wishes He Had a Gun

In an exclusive interview with a local TV station, Byron Price, the 32-year-old contractor who intervened when stabbings began on campus, told the reporter he’s changed his mind about concealed carry.

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