Fear & Loading: Can You Name These Bullets?

Just for fun, can you match the name of the bullet and manufacturer included to each of the expanded (upset) bullets?

How Ammo is Made: A Four-Step Process

Hornady shows how its ammo is made and packaged, from raw materials to packaging.

Cutting Edge Bullets MZL Raptor Muzzleloader Bullets

Cutting Edge Bullets' MZL Raptor projectiles give muzzleloader hunters a performance edge in the field.

Expanding Bullets: How They Really Work

There are many myths and misconceptions when it comes to what hunting bullets actually do-or don’t do-when impacting game.

Bullets and Cartridges

There appears to be a modern misuse of gun terms in magazine articles, on the web and even conversationally that is causing some problems.

Leading the Way: Barnes Bullets

With all the hype about non-lead projectiles these day, here’s a look at how and why Barnes’s engineers created the monolithic X Bullet, and the improved copper bullets that have followed.

Sierra Bullets Infinity Mobile Software Preview

Sierra Bullets Infinity Mobile Software Preview

Bullet Casting: From Ingot to Bullet

Casting your own bullets can be a simple project, but the devil is in the details.

Nosler’s Big-Game Bullets

Nosler’s lineup includes five “premium” big-game rifle projectiles.

Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition

Barnes has put a new spin on an old theme.

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