Rifleman Review: Remington R51

In this American Rifleman TV segment of "Rifleman Review," we take a look at the Remington R51 handgun which is a modernized version of the Model 51.

NRA Gun of the Week: Remington R51 Pistol

American Rifleman’s Mark Keefe examines Remington’s latest iteration of the R51 pistol.

Second Chance: Remington’s Revised R51 Pistol

Following a recall of its retro-styled R51s, Remington's new R51 is more than worthy of consideration.

Remington Pledges NRA-ILA Support from Anniversary Edition Firearms Sales

If you've been admiring the Remington 200th Anniversary editions all year but haven't decided whether to pull the trigger, you might want to give it more immediate attention.

Keefe Report: Second Chance for the Remington R51

No company is flawless, nor is any particular design. But the R51 better be so close that one cannot tell the difference.

Coming Soon: Re-engineered Remington R51 Pistol

After some early setbacks, the re-engineered Remington R51 pistol is set to hit dealers' shelves August 12, 2016.

The Changing Nature of New Gun Introduction and Manufacture

Some would call Remington’s production suspension of the R51 pistol a debacle. I call it a sign of changing market dynamics when it comes to new firearm introductions. It speaks to how guns are made today how consumers and the firearm press cover new guns.

If You Like Your R51, You Can Keep Your R51: The Lesson of the All American 2000

For those relatively new to the firearm industry it would seem that the Remington R51’s suspension from production is the end of the world. It’s not. What happens next is what is important.

Breaking: Remington R51 9 mm Pistol Update

If you own a Remington R51 9 mm pistol, listen up: Remington has announced they will replace it with a new production gun this fall.

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