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NRA Gun of the Week: Rossi USA Gallery 22

On this week’s “Gun of the Week” video, American Rifleman staff try out a “gallery gun” from Rossi USA that is chambered for .22 LR.

Best Seller: Taurus C45 Thunderbolt

The Taurus C45 Thunderbolt, despite not being offered since production stopped in 2010, still ranks at the top of the list a decade later, being the fourth most sold pump-action rifle of 2020.

Remington 572: Still A Popular Pump-Action Rifle

Despite being out of production for decades, Remington's 572 pump-action rifle continues to be popular on the used market.

Remington 7600: Still a Popular Pump-Action Rifle

Despite Remington's bankruptcy, those who appreciate pump-action rifles are still flocking to the Remington 7600.

Henry USA Pump Octagon: The Top-Selling Pump-Action Rifle of 2020

Pump-action rifles don't get much attention, but Henry leads the pack with its Pump Octagon.

Remington Model 14: A Century-Old Design Still Desired by Shooters

Despite being more than 100 years old, the pump-action Remington Model 14 rifle is still a strong seller on the used-gun market.

Taurus Model 72: An Affordable Pump-Action Rifle

Even though it was phased out years ago, the Taurus Model 72 can still be found at an affordable price for those looking.

Henry Repeating Arms Pump: A Top-Selling Pump-Action Rifle

Pump-action rifles aren't the most common kinds of guns found on the market, but there are plenty available, and the Henry Pump tops the list.

Remington 7600: One of Today's Most-Popular Pump-Action Rifles

One of the best-selling pump-action rifles on the market today is the Remington 7600, as recorded by GunBroker's Gun Genius engine.

The Remington Model 12: Best-Selling Pump-Action Rifle of 2019

Though it's no longer in production, the Remington Model 12 continues to top the list of pump-action rifle sales in the U.S.

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