Bond Arms Cyclops Horman

Review: Bond Arms .45-70 Gov't Cyclops

This one-eyed pistol, the single-barrel Cyclops from Bond Arms, packs a punch with a venerable straight-walled rifle cartridge.

Editor’s Choice: Taurus USA Raging Hunter 10”

Taurus’ award-winning Raging Hunter double-action revolver lineup now includes a five-shot, 10.5"-barreled version chambered for the high-pressure .460 S&W Mag. cartridge.

Blazing Trails Quietly: The Suppressor-Ready Trailblazer LifeCard

Dimensionally similar to a credit card, the Trailblazer Firearms LifeCard pistol is a folding, single-shot “utility” pistol design chambered for .22 Long Rifle, and now the company has expanded its line-up to include suppressor-ready models.

Trailblazer Pivot: A New Twist On The PCC

Those of us who grew up watching late night reruns of Monty Python’s Flying Circus fondly remember the British comedy troupe’s catchphrase, “And now for something completely different.” It couldn’t be more applicable to a new pistol-caliber carbine from Trailblazer Firearms.

Review: Magnum Research 'Custom Cowboy' BFR

Built on the Biggest Finest Revolver (BFR) frame from Magnum Research, this over-built wheel gun is soft shooting without sacrificing performance.

Review: Hi-Point YC9 Yeet Cannon

This robust budget blaster is the latest made-in-the-U.S.A. pistol from Hi-Point, an updated offering to fans of the seminal C9 design that’s been over 30 years in the making.

Editor’s Choice: Sightmark Mini Shot M-Spec M2 Solar

Sightmark expands its micro red-dot optic lineup with the introduction of the RMR-footprint Mini Shot M-Spec M2 Solar.

Review: Tisas Stingray Carry

The Stingray Carry from Tisas is an imported 1911-style pistol in 9 mm and has the custom features that are often out of reach for those on a budget

Building The Bond Arms 'Wasp' .327 Fed. Mag. Pistol

The author turns to the Bond Arms Stinger RS, a slim, potent and affordably priced pistol, to serve as the foundation for creating the "Wasp" chambered for the .327 Fed. Mag. cartridge.

Review: Cry Havoc Tactical QRB Takedown System

Convert your favorite AR-15- or AR-10-pattern platform into a takedown gun with this innovative accessory.

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