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Lehigh Defense .30-06 Sprg.

Aaron Carter says this load maximizes its potential with Lehigh Defense ammo.

Winchester Razorback XT .44 Rem. Mag. Ammunition

Winchester Ammunition was among the first to offer specialty loads with bullets designed specifically a hog's unique anatomy.

Cutting Edge Bullets MZL Raptor Muzzleloader Bullets

Cutting Edge Bullets' MZL Raptor projectiles give muzzleloader hunters a performance edge in the field.

A Potent Oldie: .450-400 NE 3"

This load is capable of taking all game animals with the exception of elephant.

.410 Slugs For Deer Hunting?

All things considered, bigger is better but smaller is sufficient.

Winchester Razorback XT .44 Rem. Mag. Ammunition

Designed from the ground up for hunting feral hogs, Winchester Ammunition's Razorback XT gives you an edge in the field when using a .44 Rem. Mag.-chambered handgun or carbine.

Reduced-Recoil, Subsonic 12-ga. Target Loads

Want to reduce the noise or recoil of your 12 gauge? Here's an ammunition option to do so.

Six Things to Consider When Choosing Self-Defense Handgun Ammunition

Getting ready to buy self-defense handgun ammunition? Read this first.

Federal Fusion MSR .223 Rem.

Looking for a .223 Rem. load that's suitable for hunting deer and feral hogs? Federal's Fusion MSR fits the bill.

Tested: Herter’s Select Grade Brass Case Ammunition

Want to know more about Herter's Select Grade Brass Case ammunition? Read on.

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