Tacsol Owyhee Mag 01

New For 2023: Tactical Solutions Owyhee Magnum

Patterned after the company's Owyhee bolt-action, currently the market's only bolt-action takedown rimfire, the Tactical Solutions Owyhee Magnum is chambered for the more-powerful .22 WMR.

New For 2023: Weatherby 307 Series

Weatherby's new 307 series rifles are designed to allow users to customize to their heart's content, thanks to a Remington 700-compatible action that opens up a wide aftermarket of add-ons and upgrades.

Review: Howa Carbon Elevate

As a centerfire bolt-action built around the Howa M1500-series receiver, the Carbon Elevate action utilizes a two-lug, push-feed bolt system that delivers ammunition to the chamber from an internal four-round magazine.


A Study Of The Mauser 98

Adoption of the Mauser 98 bolt-action rifle by Germany on April 5, 1898, marked an important event in rifle history. Today, a century later, the name Mauser 98 is still well-known worldwide and is symbolic of rifle excellence.

Gun Of The Week: Davidson’s Howa M1500 Super Lite Carbon

Watch American Rifleman staff on the range this week to learn all about an exclusive Howa M1500: the Super Lite Carbon.

Rossi's Diverse Lineup

While Rossi's latest wheelguns have caused quite a stir among firearm enthusiasts this year, it's hard not to forget about all of the other great guns its bringing to the American market, such as pump-action guns, rimfire repeaters and shotguns.

New For 2023: Springfield Armory Model 2020 Rimfire

Springfield Armory expanded its Model 2020 rifle series with several new rimfire offerings, marking Springfield's first foray into the bolt-action .22-cal. rifle market.

New For 2023: Remington 783

Under the newly formed RemArms brand, Remington-branded firearms are slowly re-emerging. The latest to come from Ilion is the budget-priced Remington 783.

New For 2023: Springfield Armory Model 2020 Redline

Springfield Armory expanded its Model 2020 bolt-action rifle series with an all-new option in the form of the Redline. This field-ready hunting rifle is designed to shed weight wherever possible.

In The Field With Federal’s Gold Medal Match Load

Hitting targets at extreme distances requires much skill and precision on the part of the rifleman and his gear, but it would all be lost if the ammunition didn't match.

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