Jim Land Sniper Cup 1

Maj. Jim Land & The Major Land Sniper Cup

Major Edward "Jim" Land is the namesake of the Major Land Sniper's Cup, a long-range precision shooting competition held annually in Gladstone, Va.

Single-Stage vs. Two-Stage Triggers: What's The Difference?

A rifle’s trigger is key to attaining the utmost accuracy. And, while crispness and pull weight are important traits, the manner in which it functions mustn’t be overlooked, either. What is the difference between single- and two-stage triggers, and which is the best type for you?

Product Preview: MDT GRND-POD Bipod

Lightweight carbon-fiber legs, a 6061-T6 aluminum core and polymer buttons combine to make MDT’s GRND-POD one of the lighter bipod examples on the market

RISE Armament: ARs With Aerospace Genetics

Oklahoma-based firearm manufacturer RISE Armament has roots in the oil and aerospace industries and uses its experience to provide firearm enthusiasts with precision-engineered semi-automatic rifles and components.

Trend-Setting Precision: Manufacturer-Run Long-Range Clinics

A quiet trend has begun in firearm industry and, judging by the response, the approach could quickly spread. While more and more gun companies are holding highly successful free events that provide fans a chance to take their latest models for a short “test drive” at a range, a pair of precision-rifle companies have launched something very different.

Rifleman Q&A: 6 mm PPC Handloading Dangers?

A reader inquires about the potential dangers associated with handloading a popular 6 mm rifle cartridge.

NRA Gun of the Week: SIG Sauer CROSS

On this week’s “Gun of the Week” video preview, American Rifleman staff tell about the CROSS, a U.S.-made hybrid bolt-action rifle from SIG Sauer.

McMillan Custom Stocks: What Can They Do For Your Gun?

Can your shooting performance improve with a custom-built stock made to your specs? We checked in with the team at McMillan Fiberglass Stocks to find out.

Area 419 Announces Maverick Recoil Suppression System

Area 419 has announced the Maverick Recoil Suppression System (RSS), a modular precision rifle suppressor designed to . . .

Built For A 2,000-Yard Beatdown: Hornady's 300 PRC Goes The Distance

Starting with a McRees Precision chassis and other premium components, the author's 300 PRC build does Hornady's new match load justice.

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