Magnum Research Bfr 357Mag

Review: Magnum Research 'Custom Cowboy' BFR

Built on the Biggest Finest Revolver (BFR) frame from Magnum Research, this over-built wheel gun is soft shooting without sacrificing performance.

Handloads: A Just-Right .41 Mag.

The .41 Remington Magnum perseveres, despite being pinched between the .357 and .44 magnums.

Preview: Winchester Big Bore Ammunition

New for 2023 from Winchester Ammunition is the Big Bore line designed for knock-down power for hunting as well as personal defense.

Review: Rossi's .357 Mag. Revolvers

First known for its small-caliber revolvers and lever-action rifles chambered for revolver cartridges, Rossi has stepped up with a line of .357 Mag. double-action wheelguns—and new long guns to boot.

Bonus Round: Ruger’s 7-Shot GP100 Revolver

This short-barrel .357 Mag. revolver is a well-balanced option for home defense or use in the field.

Review: Korth Carry Special

West German Willi Korth got into the manufacturing business in 1954 and started producing revolvers a decade later. His wheelguns quickly earned a reputation for high quality—and high price tags—and, through the decades, numerous importers have brought a trickle of Korth products into this country.

New For 2023: Henry Big Boy Revolvers

Henry is elevating its product lineup in 2023 with the introduction of the Big Boy revolvers, classically styled companions for the company's collection of lever-action rifles.

Making Modern Colt Revolvers

Colt re-entered the modern double-action revolver market in a big way, bringing back legacy designs like the Cobra, Python and Anaconda. These guns aren't made the old way, though. They're produced using the latest in cutting-edge manufacturing technology.

Colt's Pythons: Then & Now

Colt's Pythons are some of the most iconic revolvers ever made, and the interest continues to build, especially given Colt's recent re-introduction of the Python revolver in 2020.

New For 2023: Liberty Ammunition OverWatch

Liberty Ammunition has announced OverWatch, an all-new ammunition line for 2023 designed exclusively for defensive use, whether for law enforcement and government objectives or civilian self-protection use.

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