Mossberg 835 Tactical Turkey Review

Mossberg 835 Tactical Turkey Review

Federal Premium HeavyWeight Turkey 20-Gauge

When turkey hunting, where you may get only one shot all season, I recommend shooting the most potent load available.

Shotgun Loads for Turkey Hunting

Modern turkey loads have increased distance and knockdown power.

3 1/2-inch Turkey Loads: Worth the Recoil?

Many turkey hunters are choosing to load heavy-hitting 3 1/2-inch shells into their guns. But does the extra firepower really make a difference?

Tell Us About Your Turkey Gun

Upload a photo of your favorite turkey shotgun (please ensure that all safety rules are followed) and briefly tell us why it is your favorite turkey slaying shotgun.

GOTW: Remington 870 ShurShot Synthetic Turkey

GOTW: Remington 870 ShurShot Synthetic Turkey

Winchester Long Beard XR

Winchester Ammunition has developed a new technology to provide turkey hunters with tighter patterns at longer distances.

Weaver Turkey Scopes

Weaver provides a variety of optic options, including scopes that contain features desired by turkey hunters.

TriStar Raptor ATAC Turkey Shotgun

TriStar Arms has released a new 12-gauge shotgun just in time for the 2014 spring turkey hunting season.

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