Bug-Out Bag: Homemade Survival Kits

When confronted with a disaster, a go-bag can make high-speed evacuations go much smoother.

Bug-Out Bag: Your One Survival Gun

In the unlikely event of a super volcano, nuclear holocaust or viral epidemic, which firearm would be your best bet to help you stay alive?

Survival Straps

Survival Straps are decorative bracelets in a variety of colors and styles with several feet of 550-pound parachute cord for emergencies.

First Aid & Kits

Defense is more than carrying and training with a gun. It is being prepared to fight and survive, which includes having a basic understanding of first aid.

FAB Defense Collapsible Stock With Magazine Well

FAB Defense is offering a free 5.56/.223 magazine with the world’s first collapsible AR-15 buttstock with a built-in magazine well.

Gerber GO Bag

The Gerber GO Bag is designed as a foundation kit for building a bug-out bag.

Camillus Knives SK Mountain Survival Knife

Camillus Knives has introduced a survival utility knife in partnership with “Survivorman” Les Stroud.

FAB Defense Collapsible Stock With Magazine Well

The Mako Group's FAB Defense brought its new magazine-carrying collapsible rifle buttstock to SHOT Show 2013, with a new innovation or two.

Survival Trial

A large part of self-defense is simple surviving. Sure, you want to be able to overcome all situations, but walking away unharmed will do for most of us, which is why we spend so much time training and learning.

Survival Trial III: Winterborn

In navigating approximately 120,000 acres, dealing with freezing temperatures and conducting multiple challenges, the competitors of Survival Trial III: Winterborn proved they could survive anything. Held at NRA Whittington Center in Raton, N.M., ST III was a test of survival skills, both urban and backcountry, and included orienteering, physical fitness, shooting and mental preparedness.

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