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EAA's Polymer Single-Stack 1911 by Tanfoglio

SHOT Show is a time for new releases—sometimes so new that the product you're looking at isn't market ready yet.

Para USA LTC Tactical

The Para LTC Tactical is a single-stack 1911 and incorporates a number of tactical features, including Para's Power Extractor.

Glock G42

Stop the presses! One of the most trusted defensive pistol brands, Glock, has released its first truly pocketable, single-stack .380 pistol.

So, What Took So Long? The Glock G43

The just-leaked Glock G43 offers 9 mm firepower and a small American-made frame size. Why have we not seen this sooner?

Video: Springfield's XD-S in .45 ACP

American Rifleman TV examines the single-stack polymer XD-S pistol, a concealable semi-automatic offered in the respected defensive handgun cartridge— .45 ACP.

Springfield Armory "Single Stack Summer" Promotion

Customers can earn three extra magazines and one double-mag pouch free (a $150 value) with any purchase of an XD-S pistol during Springfield Armory's "Single Stack Summer" promotion June 1-Aug. 31, 2015.

NRA Gun of the Week: Glock 43

NRA Gun of the Week kicks off its new season with one of the long-awaited surprises of 2015, the Glock 43, a single-stack 9 mm pistol.

SIG Sauer Resurrects P225 Pistol

The firearm manufacturer has confirmed it has indeed resurrected the classic handgun—with a few design changes—and is currently shipping them to dealers and distributors.

The Keefe Report: Single-Stack Comeback

It seems single-stack pistols—those with cartridges one on top of the other in their magazines—are the hot, new thing … again.

Video—American Rifleman TV: Glock G43 Pistol Review

Watch this "Rifleman Review" segment on the Glock G43 pistol from a recent episode of American Rifleman TV.

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