Uncle Dan's EE Grade Lefever

Dan Lefever built the first hammerless side-by-side shotgun

Side-by-Side Shotguns Championship Part 1

Side-by-Side Shotguns Championship Part 1

Side by Side Shotguns Championship Part 2

Side by Side Shotguns Championship Part 2

Fausti Dea Side-by-Side 28 Gauge

An ideal little upland gun.

Stevens Model 612 Gold Wing 20 Gauge

Stevens new 612 is a light-weight aluminum-receiver double-barrel shotgun.

Franchi Highlander

Franchi Highlander

AyA No. 2 Review

The AyA No. 2 is not inexpensive, but is a bargain for a shotgun that will bring a lifetime of enjoyment.

Beretta Model 626E Side-by-Side

For many, there is just something special about owning a Beretta side-by-side shotgun, even if it's one of the more obscure ones made by the world’s oldest firearm manufacturer.

Filling a Niche: FN's Early Side-by-Sides

Best known for producing the John Browning-designed Auto-5 semi-automatic and Superposed over-under shotguns, Belgium’s Fabrique Nationale also made side-by-side double guns. And they had nothing to do with John Browning.

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