The STI GP6 is a reasonably priced, high-quality handgun for competition and self-defense.

Polymer Retention Holster For Kel-Tec P-3AT Pistol

iTAC Defense’s polymer retention holster for Kel-Tec P-3AT pistols provides secure access along with an additional magazine.

Polymer Magazines for Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle

Ruger has introduced polymer magazines for its Gunsite Scout Rifle in three capacities.

EAA's Polymer Single-Stack 1911 by Tanfoglio

SHOT Show is a time for new releases—sometimes so new that the product you're looking at isn't market ready yet.

Gun of the Week: Taurus Model 85 Protector Polymer

Gun of the Week: Taurus Model 85 Protector Polymer

Taurus Model 85 Protector Polymer

Taurus is one company that blends the high-tech with the traditional in its Protector Polymer.

Browning Expands 1911-22 Line

The 1911-22 has been a success for Browning-so much so that the company has taken strides to significantly expand the line.

New Polymer Colors for the UTAS UTS-15

Two new polymer colors are being added to the UTS-15 line for 2014.

Glocks and Little Green Army Men

The plastics used in polymer-frame handguns are far from cheap. You can melt down little green army men, put the material back into a mold for little green army men, and you can make more little green army men. Not so for your Glock.

Heckler & Koch VP9

Heckler & Koch has released its newest striker-fired handgun, the VP9. Watch the video as Mark Keefe gets an exclusive first-look at the pistol, as well as chance to shoot it here at NRA Headquarters.

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