Para USA SSPSE 1 Review

Para USA SSPSE 1 Review

Para USA TTR Preview

Para USA TTR Preview

Para USA G.I. Expert

Everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Para USA Tactical Target Rifle

Para’s signature entry into the AR rifle market.

Para USA: Coming to America

Para USA goes beyond innovation with both classic firearms and designs all its own.

Para's Long and Short of It

PARA USA makes 1911s that cover the entire size spectrum.

DS Arms SA58 Para Tactical Carbine

DS Arms has improved on a Cold War era rifle.

Para USA Companion

The Para Companion is more than merely a chopped-down version of the original LDA.

Para USA PXT 14-45 Limited Long Slide

Hunting with a 1911? Para USA's new Limited Long Slide fits the bill for short- to medium-range targets.

PARA Exits Tactical Rifle Market

This is a story about guns and motorcycles, but it has nothing to do with the Hell’s Angels’. It’s a story about a rifle that begins in the last century in Aldo’s Harley-Davidson shop in Massachusetts and, now, ends another chapter at PARA USA’s factory in North Carolina.

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