Remington-Keene U.S. Navy Rifle

Not a bad design, but not extraordinary either.

Savage Model 101 Revolver

From the Dope Bag Archives: Savage Model 101 Revolver, May 1960.

Honored American Veterans Afield

Honored American Veterans Afield

The Mini-Me Gardner

Undoubtedly, the coolest gun I saw at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Pittsburgh was a half-scale, mechanical marvel, beautifully rendered in polished brass and sitting on a table Navy Arms/U.S. Armament booth.

America's Deadliest Sniper

Navy Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle holds the record for most confirmed kills by a sniper.

Guns of the U.S. Navy

While many people believe the U.S. Navy only has ships and planes, as a part of the armed forces the Navy trains with and uses a multitude of firearms to protect the interests of America both at home and abroad. In addition to the awesome firepower provided by F-18s, Destroyers and Aircraft Carriers, sailors use M16s, Beretta M9s and shotguns to conduct critical missions.

I Have This Old Gun: Colt .38 DA U.S. Navy

I Have This Old Gun: Colt .38 DA U.S. Navy

Nock's Volley Gun

A little-known failed experiment by the British Royal Navy produced the seven-barreled Nock volley gun.

The American Longrifle

If you’re proud to be an American, then thank Daniel Morgan, Timothy Murphy and the American Longrifle.

I Have This Old Gun: Colt Navy Thompson

I Have This Old Gun: Colt Navy Thompson

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