Firearm Manufacturing Moves South

Fed-up with rampant anti-gun legislation in northeastern states, some of the biggest names in gunmaking are joining a growing roster of startup manufacturers and overseas firms in building their products in the South.

Smart Guns: Dude, You Hacked My Gun

Worried about having your credit card hacked? How about if a criminal, a hacker or even a government agency could turn your gun on or off anytime they wanted? Here's how RFID technology works and what might make it vulnerable in a so-called "smart gun."

Fear & Loading: Parks and Carry Confusion

Next week a pair of bills in both houses of the Tennessee Legislature will come to a vote and, if passed and signed into law by the governor, it will alleviate the state’s confusing patchwork of laws governing carry in parks and recreation areas. I wish other states would consider the same measure.

American Rifleman Archives: Editorial—The Mentally Ill

For nearly half-a-century NRA has urged Congress to study the question of mental illness. This American Rifleman editorial dates to 1966, and the questions it raises are still valid today. “Elimination of the instrument by which these crimes are committed cannot arrest the ravages of a psychotic murderer.”

Fear & Loading: South Carolina Lawmakers Propose Gun Tax

Legislation has been introduced that would impose a 7-percent tax on gun purchases in the state.


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