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Magna Grips

Built to protect the shooter's hand.

Jordan Trooper Grips

Built for faster recovery.

How To Sight In a Pistol With Laser Grips

How To Sight In a Pistol With Laser Grips

ARTV 2010 Ep. 11: Crimson Trace

American Rifleman TV Visits Crimson Trace

Gutta Percha

Remember back in the 1970s when Smith & Wesson offered a series of beautiful die-struck belt buckles? A full collection of these handsome artifacts from a never-to-return era would be worth a lot more than what a 70s-era collector paid for them

Custom Grips

A gallery of beautiful custom-made grips for revolvers and pistols.

Eagle Grips

One of the easiest ways to customize a handgun is with a good set of grips.

Sanderson Grips

In the era of bullseye shooting that started before World War II, the revolver was king. In those days, most folks shot either Colt or Smith & Wesson.

My New Grips

To my admittedly prejudiced hand and eye, the classic handguns are great examples of the saying that “form follows function.” Shaped for completely practical reasons, they are as efficient as they are beautiful.

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