Forget the Glamour Shots

After an attempted break-in, Sagi decided that he needed multiple records for his firearms, but a lot of the process went against his nature.

SnowLizard SLXtreme

Smartphones are quite handy in the field and at the range, but they’re pretty susceptible to the elements. Guy Sagi obtained a case that claims it protects iPhones from water and dust, and even extends battery time. He just had to see if it worked.

Bushnell Tactical

Testing optics in a cave? It might seem a little extreme, but actually the conditions are perfect. Guy Sagi tells more from this unconventional Bushnell Tactical seminar.


Disasters can happen quickly and without warning, and having a way to keep in touch is important. Handheld radios provide an easy and reliable way to communicate with loved ones.

Dang you SureFire

A few years ago, Sagi purchased a SureFire Forend Weaponlight for his wife’s defensive shotgun. An updated version makes him think he’ll be writing another check.

Cyber Snooping

Considering the recent signing of the U.N. Gun Treaty, is it really that farfetched that the NSA might be following Internet keywords searches, such as firearms?

Knock-Off Body Armor

Bogus body armor was sold at Florida gun shows and buyers are urged to verify the authenticity of their purchases.

Remington TargetMaster

Don’t let this single-shot rimfire’s bargain basement price or homely looks fool you.

Redring for Home Defense?

It’s primarily designed for clay sports and is far from ideal, but with the right setup it will hold bad guys at bay until authorities arrive.

Clean Sweep for the Holidays

Tired of wrapping slightly off-target gifts for the shooter on your list?

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