3 Times the Fun: 3-Gun Training

3-Gun Training with the Pros.

Review: KelTec PLR-16 Pistol

It’s not an AR, but it can take AR magazines. What is this…this thing?

Review: Kimber Pro Aegis II

With a name meaning protection, the Pro Aegis II is a special-purpose pistol.

Review: SIG Sauer P220

Landmark design and still a great pistol, three decades later.

Review: DoubleStar 1911

For 1911 fans looking for custom pistol performance, this handgun offers the high-end features commonly seen on pedigreed pistols, at a fraction of the price.

Review: SIG Sauer SIG556 Classic

Controls of the SIG556 Classic are simple and straightforward, with the rifle sporting an ambidextrous safety lever.

NRA Museum Top 5 Guns

NRA Museum Top 5 Guns


Review of the FNH SCAR

Model 1921 Thompson

This Model 1921 Thompson, serial number 6040, had been sold by a small police department in the Milwaukee area and was still brand new.

The Remington Nylon 66

A new concept in rifles, back then.

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