Winchester Model 12

Often called the perfect repeater, Winchester’s Model 12 pump-action shotgun distinguished itself on game fields, trap and skeet ranges, and in both World Wars.

Hunting With The Winchester Model 70

The day’s many trials and tribulations had come to a head. The pre-production new Model 70’s fore-end rested on shooting sticks, and my right elbow on the guide’s left shoulder. Together, the crosshair, then positioned low on the nilgai’s shoulder—for the preferred heart shot—was solid.

9 mm Winchester Magnum

A neat round that just didn't make it.

Winchester Model 1895 Rifle

Review of the Winchester Model 1895 Flatside Rifle

NRA Museum Top 5 Guns

NRA Museum Top 5 Guns

Winchester's Model 1886

The Big Fifty was Winchester's attempt to match several British express rifle loads intended for taking big African game.

Ben Cartwright's Winchester Model 1873

Chambered in .44-40, this carbine could take the most popular centerfire ammunition available for either rifle or handgun in the West.

Winchester Model 1876

Featuring left-handed loading capability, this 26-inch rifle also has an intriguing one-piece cleaning rod affixed to the side.

The Rifleman’s Repeater

This is not your father's semi-auto.

Loading The .300 Winchester Magnum

Here is how to load an all-around cartridge for North American Big Game.

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