The Revolver Speed Load

When training for speed reloads with a revolver, perfect practice makes perfect.

Alternative Shooting Positions

Shooting from the prone and kneeling positions can provide an edge in a fight.

Routine Traffic Stops

When stopped by police, be polite and prepared to make the encounter easier.

Colt New Frontier

Colt has brought back the New Frontier variant of the Single Action Army.

The Glock 30S

Firearms designed for concealed carry continue to be among the most consistently demanded products on the market, and Glock decided to give its faithful followers what they've been asking for in the new G30S. A new, sub-compact .45, the G30S sports a 10+1 capacity and is designed to be as easy-to-carry as they come: it had a 1.28" width and weights just under 21 ounces, unloaded.

Liberty Cross Limited Edition SAA Revolver Holster

The Liberty Cross is designed for the Single Action Army Revolver 4 5/8-inch barrel.

Kimber Micro .380

Sheriff Jim Wilson handles Kimber's new micro .380 pistol on the range during SHOT Show 2014.

Kimber Partners with GEMTECH Suppressors

Kimber and GEMTECH have partnered to create what might be the perfect relationship.

Ruger's New GP100 Revolver

Want to know why Ruger's revolvers are still so popular? It's self-explanatory when you check out the new GP100, which offers features the modern shooter will appreciate.

Vacation Security

Just as with home-defense, vacation security requires some prior planning. Sheriff Jim Wilson offers some ideas to get you started.

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