Uberti New Model No. 3

Uberti New Model No. 3

MC-3: The First Upside Down Gun

Even after being banned from international competition in 1956, production of the revolutionary MC-3 continued in Russia.

Mitchell's Mausers PPS50/22

The Mitchell’s Mausers PPS50/22 is a semi-auto, .22 LR version of the World War II-era PPSh-41 that was a symbol of Russian resistance to the Nazis.

Winchester Model 1895 Russian Musket

In a desperate need for arms to fight the Germans, the Russian Army turned to Winchester, purchasing Model 1895s in 7.62x54 mm R.

Smith & Wesson .44 Double Action First Model

John Wesley Hardin was carrying a S&W .44 Double Action First Model when he was killed.

Zastava M70A 9 mm Pistol

The M70A is an affordable TT-30 clone with improved safety features and increased ammo capacity that works for self-defense.

Century Arms C39 Micro 7.62x39 mm Russian Pistol

This American-made pistol sports a short 6.25-inch barrel, along with the reliability that is expected from the AK-platform firearms.

Sporterizing the Mosin-Nagant M44

Can an old surplus military rifle be transformed into a useful sporting gun with good ammo and aftermarket parts?

Steel-Cased 7.62x39 mm In Ruger Mini Thirtys?

Is the lacquer coating on the steel cases of Russian-made 7.62x39 mm ammunition causing rounds to stick in the chamber of a Ruger Mini Thirty?

Weapons of Peace

In the middle of an economic crisis fueled by plummeting oil prices and economic sanctions by the free world, Kalashnikov Concern is investing in an expensive rebranding and reorganization.

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