Gamo NRA 1000 Special Edition

An air rifle geared toward adults.

NRA Museum Top 5 Guns

NRA Museum Top 5 Guns

The Smith & Wesson Schofield

This Schofield .45 bears serial No. 1 and was a revolver that witnessed both military and civilian service.

Colt Single-Action Army Revolvers

This customized pair comes from the prized handgun collection of Montanan Bob Munden, the fastest shot alive.

Brooklyn Arms .32 Caliber Slocum

The .32-caliber Slocum was a popular Civil War-era choice for personal protection.

Winchester's Model 1886

The Big Fifty was Winchester's attempt to match several British express rifle loads intended for taking big African game.

Ben Cartwright's Winchester Model 1873

Chambered in .44-40, this carbine could take the most popular centerfire ammunition available for either rifle or handgun in the West.

GAMO Air Rifle

Review of the GAMO Air Rifle

The Bianchi Cup, Part 2

The Bianchi Cup, Part 2

The Bianchi Cup Part 1

The Bianchi Cup Part 1

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