Now They’re After Your First Amendment

Robert Stevens thought he was living in a free country. Then he found himself in court, embroiled in a case now headed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Lighten Up: The Story Of Ultra Light Arms

A man and his dream go from success to disaster and back to success.

Dynamic Duo: Barnes And ICC

The latest variation of the venerable X-Bullet design, the Barnes TTSX, offers the best of the company's previous products all in one projectile.

Sako 85 Rifle Review

Sako 85 Rifle Review

Sighting In

Sighting in a rifle is usually easy, and with the mastery of a few simple steps, you can do it, too.

Shooting 70 Years of Model 70s

How well do the various generations of Winchester Model 70s shoot?

Shotgun Loads for Turkey Hunting

Modern turkey loads have increased distance and knockdown power.

Aimpoint Hunter Series

Can the new Aimpoint Hunter Series bring the technology of the red-dot sights deployed by the U.S. military to the hunting world?

African Plains-Game Rifles

The rifle matters, but not as much as the shooter.

African Big-Game Hunting Rifles

African big game requires big-bore rifles.

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