NRA Gun Gear of the Week: AR Added-Capacity Magazines

This week, American Rifleman's Joe Kurtenbach takes a look at three extended-capacity magazines for AR-15-style rifles.

NRA Gun Gear of the Week: Hornady American Gunner Ammunition

Under the American Gunner line of utility ammunition, Hornady brings us a line that features proven loads made from quality components, but now offered at a price that provides a real value to shooters.

NRA Gun Gear of the Week: Alien Gear Cloak MOD Paddle Holster

The Cloak MOD, a paddle holster that incorporates the company’s earlier innovations—such as interchangeable shells and spring steel cores—to bolster effectiveness and versatility.

NRA Gun Gear of the Week: Winchester USA Forged Ammunition

Winchester’s USA Forged is made from quality components, in the United States, and uses a traditional brass-jacketed, lead-core bullet.

NRA Gear of the Week: Crimson Trace 1911 Lasergrips

In this week's edition, Joe Kurtenbach examines Crimson Trace Lasergrips for the timeless M1911.

NRA Gun Gear of the Week: 5.11 Tactical

American Rifleman's Joe Kurtenbach examines 5.11 Tactical in this week's edition of NRA Gear of the Week, straight from NRA Annual Meetings in Louisville, Kentucky.

NRA Gun Gear of the Week: Dead Air Silencer Ghost-M Handgun Suppressor

Whether you want a long can for maximum noise attenuation, or a shorter, handier “K” can, that still gets the job done, the Ghost-M is worth a look.

NRA Gun Gear of the Week: StealthGear USA AIWB Holster

In this week's edition of NRA Gun Gear of the Week, American Rifleman's Joe Kurtnebach examines the StealthGear USA's Appendix Inside-the-Waistband Holsters (AIWB).

NRA Gun Gear of the Week: Portable Gun Tools

This week, Joe Kurtenbach examines a few portable and affordable gun tools every firearm owner should own.

NRA Gun Gear of the Week: LaserLyte Score Tyme Target

Joe Kurtenbach takes an in-depth look at the American Rifleman 2016 Golden Bullseye Accessory of the Year, the LaserLyte Score Tyme Target.

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