Wiley Clapp/TALO Ruger GP100

Wiley Clapp follows up on his highly acclaimed Commander-size M1911 rework with an all-purpose double-action .357 Mag. revolver.

The British L42A1 Sniper Rifle

The L42A1s are highly coveted, and can bring between $5,000 and $6,000 depending on the original accessories.

Jacob Double Rifle

The story about the Jacob Double Rifle is as fascinating as its creator.

Webley Mark VI Revolver

The Webley was the quintessential British revolver, with the Mark VI remaining as the standard until 1936.

Southern Derringer

The Southerner Derringer was a turn-barrel pistol with its name, emblazoned on the barrel, intended to appeal to buyers south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Hi-Standard Military Model B-US

During World War II, the Hi-Standard Model B was used to train troops, eventually obtaining military markings, making it the Model B-US.

Bannerman's Special

These guns were pieced together from available parts, and are interesting collectables.

Longarms of America's Forgotten War

Though largely overshadowed by the Napoleonic Wars, the American War of 1812 saw the use of a wide variety of arms by a colorful assemblage of combatants.

French Model 1873 Revolver

The French were influential in early firearm development, and came up with one of the best double-action revolvers of time.

British Mark III Snider Carbine

The Snider Carbine was developed as a way to convert percussion arms to handle self-contained cartridges.

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