Federal Premium HeavyWeight Turkey 20-Gauge

When turkey hunting, where you may get only one shot all season, I recommend shooting the most potent load available.

Behind the Scenes: The Federal Trophy Bonded Tip

Behind the Scenes: The Federal Trophy Bonded Tip

Federal Premium Safari Grade Ammunition

Federal targeted a small but growing market with Safari Grade ammo.

Federal Premium Guard Dog Ammunition

Federal Premium’s Guard Dog home-defense ammunition is designed to minimize pass through of interiors walls.

Federal Truball Deep Penetrator Rifled Slugs

The Truball Deep Penetrator slugs are 1-ounce, copper-plated lead that bore farther through a target that non-plated, hollow-point slugs.

Federal Premium and CCI Ammo

Hey, can you hear that? Neither can we. It seems that keeping the peace is also important to CCI ammunition, evident by its wildly popular CCI Quiet 22 line of ammo that was introduced last year.

Federal Champion Fresh Fire Pack

Federal’s Champion Fresh Fire Pack provides long-term ammo storage of .22 Long Rifle cartridges in a nitrogen-purged can.

New Top Gun Target Extra-Lite Load from Federal Ammunition

Federal Ammunition releases a new low-recoil 12-gauge option with the Top Gun Target Extra-Lite load.

Federal Premium Vital-Shok Trophy Bonded JHP 10 mm Auto Ammunition

Federal Premium's new Vital-Shok Trophy Bonded JHP 10 mm Auto load approaches the external ballistics of the vaunted .41 Mag.

Turkey Hunting With A Home-Defense Shotgun?

Provided that you choose the right load, your home-defense shotgun is all you need to pursue the king of spring.

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