World War I Pistols: Trench Sweepers

Brownings and Rubys Pistols in the Great War

FN's SCAR: A Cut Above

The new selective-fire SCAR rifle platform from FN represents the most sophisticated solution to date for the requirements of America’s unconventional warriors.

Browning T-Bolt Review

Browning T-Bolt Review

Kel-Tec RFB Carbine

A bullpup for both right- and left-handed shooters.

Reports from Afghanistan

American Rifleman’s man on the ground in Afghanistan reports on the arms used by our troops and the mission they face today. He found that they are proud to protect our freedom overseas—especially when they know the NRA protects their rights at home.

FNH USA Self Loading Police Review

FNH USA Self Loading Police Video Review

Making the M240 and the M249

Making the M240 and the M249

Making FN Pistols

Making FN Pistols

Inside The Pistols Of FNH USA

Fabrique Nationale has branched out into polymer handguns.

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