DPMS Panther Arms AP4 LR-308

The AP4 LR-308 look like its little brother, the M4 carbine. But looks can be deceiving.

DPMS Panther LR-338L Rifle

A scaled-up AR-15 to accommodate larger calibers.

DPMS Panther 5.56 Sportical Carbine

Bridging the gap between sporting and tactical.

How to Sight In an AR-15

How to Sight In an AR-15

DPMS Tri-Gun Challenge

DPMS Tri-Gun Challenge

Three Gun Competition Training: 3-Gun 101

Three Gun Competition Training: 3-Gun 101

Building the Perfect 3-Gun Rifle

Three-gun is one of the most addictive competitive shooting sports, and requires quality equipment.

DPMS Tri-Gun Challenge

The 2009 Tri-Gun Challenge sponsored by DPMS and Brownells is a 3-gun competition dedicated to marksmanship with multiple firearms.

DPMS .22 Long Rifle Upper Receivers

DPMS has introduced a .22 LR upper receiver that attaches to a standard AR lower for low-cost training, plinking and hunting.


The name A-15 refers to DPMS' .223/5.56 caliber, gas-driven rifles. But within that family you can find a number of different models and configurations—including the latest Gun of the Week, the DPMS A-15 Tactical Precision Rifle (TPR).

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