Shotgun Loads for Turkey Hunting

Modern turkey loads have increased distance and knockdown power.

3 1/2-inch Turkey Loads: Worth the Recoil?

Many turkey hunters are choosing to load heavy-hitting 3 1/2-inch shells into their guns. But does the extra firepower really make a difference?

Tell Us About Your Turkey Gun

Upload a photo of your favorite turkey shotgun (please ensure that all safety rules are followed) and briefly tell us why it is your favorite turkey slaying shotgun.

Tested: Federal Premium 3rd Degree Turkey Loads

Did Federal Premium create the Holy Grail of turkey loads? After testing its new 3rd Degree at both close and long range, the longtime goal of “tighter is better” might be a trend of the past.

Winchester Long Beard XR

Winchester Ammunition has developed a new technology to provide turkey hunters with tighter patterns at longer distances.

A Premium, Non-Lead 20-ga. 2¾” Turkey Load

Federal Premium's Mag-Shok 20-ga., 2 3/4" HEAVYWEIGHT Turkey load provides gobbler-getting vitality to older, yet still safe, 20-gauge shotguns.

Mossberg 835 Tactical Turkey Review

Mossberg 835 Tactical Turkey Review

Tested: Winchester's Long Beard XR

Winchester's new Long Beard XR turkey loads was put to the test. Check out the results with this video.

NRA Gun of the Week: Remington Versa Max Sportsman Turkey Shotgun

The gobbling sounds of spring are in air and a Remington shotgun this subject of this week’s Gun of the Week.

TriStar Raptor ATAC Turkey Shotgun

TriStar Arms has released a new 12-gauge shotgun just in time for the 2014 spring turkey hunting season.

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