Webley & Scott Self-Loader: I Have This Old Gun

Webley & Scott Self-Loader: I Have This Old Gun

The Wilson Combat Story

The Wilson Combat Story

Pistols with Rifle Actions

When is a rifle not a rifle? When the manufacturer whittles down the features of a long gun to produce a super cool handgun! Whether it’s to build a pistol chambered in a rifle cartridge or just because it looks great, rifle-action handguns provide a unique shooting experience. Please note that all of the guns shown here meet Federal regulations because they were built as handguns at the factory.

Exotic .22 Pistols

A reliable handgun chambered to fire the inexpensive and plentiful .22 Long Rifle cartridge is truly a treasure to own. Though most .22 pistols follow standard design, several models on the market today allow you to stand out in a crowd. And, best of all, many of these exotic pistols are more affordable than you might expect.

Defensive Pistols: Low-Recoil Options

Recoil sensitive shooters, or those who suffer from hand problems, must choose among caliber, weight, size and capacity when choosing defensive handguns. Here are some options that should do the trick.

.22 Bullseye Pistols

While NRA matches often include center-fire handguns, most bullseye shooting is conducted with a .22. In these competitions, accuracy and precision are more important than speed.

SHOT Show 2018: EAA Tanfoglio Match Pistols

EAA has expanded its polymer lineup by offering two new models in its Tanfoglio Pistol line which include the Polymer Match and the Polymer Match Pro.

Video: Pocket Pistol Secrets from Gunsite

American Rifleman TV heads to Gunsite in Paulden, Ariz., for a lesson in pocket pistols for self-defense.

Video—Dallas NRA Show: Colt Combat Elite 1911 Pistols

Colt has released a family of pistols—the Combat Elite Series.

Video—ARTV: Taurus Manufacturing

Take a peek behind the curtain at Taurus' new and improved production process.

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