Kimber R7 Mako handgun black pistol text on image noting "NRA Gun of the Week"

NRA Gun Of The Week: Kimber R7 Mako

On this “Gun of the Week” video preview, American Rifleman staffers discuss a semi-automatic handgun from Kimber. The R7 Mako is a micro-compact, optic-ready handgun with a polymer frame and striker-fired ignition system.

NRA Gun of the Week: Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun

For many of the same reasons the autoloader is favored by military worldwide, including its modularity and ability to be quickly reconfigured, the civilian-version M4 (18.5” barrel and reduced magazine capacity) is chosen today by millions as their all-around shotgun for home defense or 3-gun competition.

NRA Gun of the Week: Magnum Research Barracuda .22 WMR MLR

The NRA Gun of the Week is the MLR22WMBW Barracuda—one of the most potent of rimfires available—.22 WMR, a departure from Magnum Research's most notable associations, the Desert Eagle .50 AE and BFR (Biggest Finest Revolver).

NRA Gun of the Week: Patriot Ordnance Factory P308

Watch as American Rifleman's Kelly Young walks through the features of the Patriot Ordnance Factory P308.

NRA Gun of the Week: Savage Arms 11/111 Hog Hunter Rifle

Watch as American Rifleman's Christopher Olsen hosts the latest "NRA Gun of the Week: Savage Arms 11/111 Hog Hunter."

NRA Gun of the Week: CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Pistol

The third iteration of the CZ Scorpion submachine gun was unveiled in 2009 as the EVO 3 A1, and this year the Czech gunmaker introduced a semi-automatic pistol version of that selective-fire carbine—the EVO 3 S1.

NRA Gun of the Week: ARES Defense SCR Rifle

Watch this video hosted by American Rifleman's Christopher Olsen to learn more about the ARES Defense Sport Configurable Rifle (SCR).

NRA Gun of the Week: Inland M1A1 Paratrooper Carbine

American Rifleman’s Associate Editor Kelly Young examines a new production, Inland M1A1Paratrooper Carbine this week on NRA’s Gun of the Week.

NRA Gun of the Week: Savage Model 99 Rifle

Watch as American Rifleman's Mark Keefe discusses the history and workings of one of the most popular lever-action rifles of all time, the Savage Model 99.

NRA Gun of the Week: SIG Sauer P320 Pistol

American Rifleman's Joseph Kurtenbach takes a closer look at the editors' Golden Bullseye choice for 2016 Handgun of the Year, the SIG Sauer P320 pistol.

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