Americase Ultra-Lite Gun Cases

Americase has introduced an aluminum series of gun cases that are lighter than its Premium series, while retaining both strength and style.

Pelican Storm iM3200 Long Case

The Pelican Storm Long Case features press-and-pull latches, two padlock hasps, in-line wheels and a vortex pressure-release valve, and it’s watertight.

CaseCruzer Pistol Cases

CaseCruzer pistol cases are durable, resistant to water, solvents and corrosion, and meet TSA standards for airline travel.

Safepacker Concealment Holster

The Safepacker Concealment Holster can be attached to a belt or pack, or carried as a clutch.

Plano Cases: You Know The Name

Plano is a familiar name to anyone who has ever wet a line, and now the company is gaining a serious foothold in the shooting industry.

Uncle Mike’s Tactical Pistol Case

Developed to work in conjunction with the 3-Gun Competition Bag, Uncle Mike’s Tactical Pistol Case protects pistols during transport.

Seahorse Single Pistol Case

The Seahorse Single Pistol Case is light, watertight, airtight, lockable and crush resistant, and will hold everything needed for a single handgun.

Negrini New Transformer Combination Shotgun Cases

International Case Company, the distributors of Negrini ultra-lightweight travel cases, introduces the new Transformer case that is designed to hold any combo of two different shotguns.

Starlight Cases Burkett 3-Gun Kit

The Burkett 3-Gun Kit is designed specifically for shooters needing to transport multiple firearms.


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