The World War II U.S. M1911 & M1911A1

During World War II, the .45 ACP M1911 and M1911A1 pistols were popular with American troops, and here we present some imagery of those who trained and fought with “old slabsides.”

The History of the Mannlicher-Schoenauer Carbine

By the time Hemingway got his hands on a Mannlicher-Schoenauer in 1930, the rifle’s basic design was nearly half-a-century old, its roots going back to one of the first turnbolt rifle designs, the Dreyse Needle Gun.

Volkssturmgewehr: The German VG1-5 'People's Storm Rifle'

While many are familiar with more widely known examples of late World War II German small arms like the MP44 and Gewehr 43, few know of the simplistic "People's Storm Rifle" designed and built specifically for use by the conscripted Volkssturm, the VG1-5 Volkssturmgewehr.

Auto-Ordnance Announces Custom "Squadron" 1911 Pistol

In honor of the pilots who flew in America’s defense during WWII, the gunmaker who brought us "Tommy Gun" and other classic firearms is now offering the Custom "Squadron" 1911 pistol.

The G.I. .45 M1911 In World War II

The .45-cal. M1911 and M1911A1 pistols saw widespread service in all theaters of the war and further cemented its stellar reputation as one of the finest military handguns of all time.

Video—Red Army Icon: Soviet PPsh-41 Submachine Gun

From American Rifleman TV's "I Have This Old Gun," check out this video of one of the most iconic firearms of World War II.

Battle of the Bulge Guns Introduction

Battle of the Bulge Guns Introduction

Battle of the Bulge Guns, Part 1

Battle of the Bulge Guns Part 1

Remington-Rand M1911: I Have This Old Gun

Remington-Rand M1911: I Have This Old Gun

The Guns of Operation Market Garden

Field Editor Martin K.A. Morgan gives us an in-depth look at the men and guns of “A Bridge Too Far.”

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