He Got It All Right

An Interview with Stephen Hunter.

The FG-42 Fallschirmjägergewehr

Of all the guns of World War II, the German FG-42, designed for use by German Fallschirmjäger or “Green Devils,” stands out as one of the rarest, most unique and timeless designs. Here, a best-selling author weighs in on the social, historical and cultural significance of the gun.

Sniper’s Honor

Pulitzer Prize winning author and Rifleman contributor Stephen Hunter has a new novel coming out soon-Sniper's Honor-and it features one of the coolest guns of World War II, the Fallshirmjaeger Gewehr 42.

Hollywood Guns: Behind the Curtain

See more than 75 guns and artifacts made famous on the big screen at the National Firearms Museum.

A Battle At Barrington: The Men & The Guns

On Nov. 27, 1934, two federal agents faced two heavily armed bandits in what is possibly the most savage gunfight on American soil. In the end, it cost the lives of two G-Men and Baby Face Nelson. Here, a Pulitzer Prize winner tells the tale.


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