5 Defensive-Shooting Tips to Avoid

Lifelong gun owners are usually well-meaning, but often they dole out some “sage” defensive shooting advice that is in desperate need of salt.

Self-Defense Pistol 101

Using a handgun to defend your life requires more than just a familiarity with firearms.

Self-Defense Pistol Drills

Using a handgun to defend your life requires more than just familiarity with the firearm-it demands a concerted effort to practice the skills necessary to use it and its accessories under stress. Follow this former police trainer’s five practical drills beforehand, and you’ll be better prepared when a worst-case scenario occurs.

Night Bag

A few weeks ago, my security system went off around midnight. My home-defense plan worked smoothly, as I quickly obtained my home gun, along with a flashlight, and took up post at the top of the stairs, while my wife grabbed our daughter and retreated to our bedroom and took up her gun.

Video: Pocket Pistol Secrets from Gunsite

American Rifleman TV heads to Gunsite in Paulden, Ariz., for a lesson in pocket pistols for self-defense.

Cover & Concealment

You should always know where available cover and concealment is located in your area.

Point Shooting

Point shooting can be effective if practiced regularly.

Moving with a Carbine

Moving is part of fighting, and should be done with practiced care.

The Armed Citizen® June 7, 2021

Read today's "The Armed Citizen" entry for real stories of law-abiding citizens, past and present, who used their firearms to save lives.

The Armed Citizen® November 2009

Studies indicate that firearms are used over 2 million times a year for personal protection, and in many instances, their presence prevents crime.

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