From the American Rifleman Archives: "In the System:" M1 Garand Rebuilds

From the Dec. 2003 American Rifleman, Bruce Canfield explains how hundreds of thousands of M1s had their useful life extended by several decades through the efforts and dedication of the skill ordnance personnel "in the system."

Scout Scope Mounts For M1 Garand Rifles

Amega Ranges has introduced a simple solution to mounting a scope on a M1 Garand.

Unexpected Longevity: Foreign Use of the M1 Garand

More than eight decades after its invention, the M1 Garand rifle continues to see use today fir both ceremonial and combat by foreign nations and militant groups across the globe.

The M1 Garand: Recent Developments in Auto Loaders

In honor of the 125th anniversary of American Rifleman, the following is an excerpt from the December, 1921 issue: Recent Developments in Autoloaders.

M1 Garand: Our New Service Rifle

In honor of the 125th anniversary of American Rifleman, the following is an excerpt from the August 1938 issue: The M1 Garand--Our New Service Rifle.

The First Garands

The U.S. Army adopted the U.S. Rifle Semiautomatic Caliber .30, M1, in 1936. It is better known as the Garand.

World War II Garand Slings?

Can't find a WWII-vintage sling for your Garand? Consider this.

MPI Stocks Offers Unusual Options

MPI also offers blank stocks and “premium custom restocking for a wide a variety of styles and rifles.”

Q&A: Wartime Remington M1903s?

I was at a gun show and saw a Remington-made Model 1903 Springfield rifle. It looked just like a World War I ’03, but I have been told Remington only made 1903A3 rifles during Word War II. Was this some kind of rebuild?

When Argentina Had To Choose a New Service Rifle

The Republic of Argentina has a large and diversified military-industrial complex, which includes a remarkable history of gun-making.

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