Preparing a Home Defense Plan

The time for developing a home-defense plan is long before you’re awakened by the sound of glass breaking. And everyone should be involved.

Preparing For Home Defense

You should do more than just buy a gun for home defense.

Home Defense Precision Shotgunning

Your tactical home-defense shotgun has more capabilities than you may think.

Choosing A Home-Defense Gun

Gun buyers in the market for a go-to home-defense gun should be looking for a firearm and ammunition combination offering an optimum level of stopping power.

Home Defense Guns: How To Choose The Right One

Possibly the only topic to generate more arguments than politics is the never-ending discussion of what qualifies as the “best” home-defense gun.

Police Response

Police try very hard to prevent crime and protect citizens, but no matter how conscientious, your local police are at least minutes away from helping. You should be prepared to help yourself.

Home Defense for the Family

Home-defense is more than a static idea for confronting a bad guy. It is a comprehensive plan for surviving all potential disasters that includes all family members.

Conducting Drills

The step after developing a home-defense plan is testing that plan to determine if everyone understands assigned duties and will react in the proper manner.

Unconventional Positions

Criminals decide when and where they are going to strike, so preparing for the unthinkable goes beyond range work.

A Pump Shotgun For Home Defense

When stuff happens at home—like the ubiquitous bump in the night—what is your first move? If you're going for a gun, is it a pistol, a shotgun or a rifle? Here's a closer look at considering a pump-action shotgun.

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