I Have This Old Gun: Terry Carbine

What is this Terry Carbine, in NRA "Excellent" condition worth? Find out in the latest "I Have This Old Gun."

I Have This Old Gun: Allen "Dragoon" Pepperbox

Massachusetts gunmaker Ethan Allen had a long and illustrious career, manufacturing many types of arms under the Allen name.

This Old Gun: Calisher & Terry Carbine

Learn the story behind the unique Calisher & Terry carbine, one of the more interesting breechloading designs of the Civil War era.

U.S. Model 1847 Cavalry Musketoon

The 1847 Cavalry Musketoon was actually an attenuated version of the excellent U.S. Model 1842 Musket, and commands high prices with collectors.

I Have This Old Gun: Model 1895 Lee Navy

Considering the trends in U.S. military firearm technology during the 1890s, the country’s selection of a proprietary straight-pull rifle is extraordinary.

I Have This Old Gun – French RSC 1917 Rifle

World War I started out as a conflict fought with Victorian-era arms and strategies, but technology soon jerked the combatants abruptly into the 20th century. Such things as poison gas, tanks, and improved artillery and small arms turned what was expected to be a war lasting just a few weeks into a four-year slugfest.

I Have This Old Gun: British Pattern 1801 Sea Service Pistol

Being an island nation, Great Britain has relied heavily on her naval prowess for protection and survival. More than once, English ships came to the rescue and staved off imminent invasion.

I Have This Old Gun: Mauser Model 1871/84

During the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71, the adversaries principally carried single-shot breechloaders that chambered paper or paper/linen cartridges.

I Have This Old Gun: Japanese Type 26 Revolver

There are few more remarkable national stories than that of Japan during the latter part of the 19th century.

Sgt. York: American Rifleman, American Hero

From the American Rifleman archives comes this story of faith, courage and straight shooting, which resulted in this Tennessee mountaineer being awarded the Medal of Honor.

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