Beware Those Bearing Shrubbery

Overnighting in a gun-free zone may be uncomfortable, but my trip last week highlights just how ineffective “security” can be.

Tough Decision

Two of the four men who tried to rob a Houston, Texas, bar at gunpoint earlier this month died when one of the patrons was carrying—the “hero” is still at large.

Know an Industry More Generous?

Whether the recipients are those willing to stand on the front line of freedom or victims of happenstance, your firearm passion fuels worthwhile efforts across the nation. Here’s a snapshot of the gun industry’s generosity in the last month!

Easy Mark?

Disabled man in North Carolina proved again last week that when it comes to criminals targeting a lawful citizen, a self-defense firearm is the great equalizer.

If They Only Had a Brain

Now the pair can wile away the hours, becomin' jail flowers, consultin' with the pain-of being shot by a 74-year-old woman during an attempted armed robbery.

Paranoid or Prepared?

Guy Sagi is not buying into the claims that ISIS will commemorate the 13th anniversary of 9-11 with an attack in the United States, however….

Remington TargetMaster

Don’t let this single-shot rimfire’s bargain basement price or homely looks fool you.

Industry Generosity

Some people have no idea how much the shooting industry really cares.


California’s officials need to improve the wording of its handgun regulations to make them more understandable for their constituency. Here are my suggestions.

Alcoholic Absolution

The saga of Sagi’s uninvited midnight caller ended with an education on the Judicial System, which left him a little on edge.

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