Product Preview: CMMG .22 Long Rifle Conversion Kit

Twenty-twos are not only cheaper than most all center-fire loads, but shooting them is fun.

Editors’ Picks 2019: Taurus TX22 Pistol

Taurus designed and built an all-new .22 Long Rifle pistol right here in the United States.

Review: Glock 44

Until December 2019 the only options for a rimfire “Glock” were either a conversion unit that mates a rimfire slide and barrel assembly to a stock Glock center-fire frame or one of the .22 pistols on the market from other manufacturers with a vaguely similar profile.

Tested: Savage Arms A-22

The Savage A-Series of semi-automatic rifles now includes a model chambered for the ever popular .22 Long Rifle cartridge. Here's our look at the A22.

Federal Champion Fresh Fire Pack

Federal’s Champion Fresh Fire Pack provides long-term ammo storage of .22 Long Rifle cartridges in a nitrogen-purged can.

Product Preview: Turnbull Ruger Mark IV Pistol

The Ruger Mark IV .22 Long Rifle pistol is an evolution of the handgun that made the company what it is today.

Snapshot: Winchester’s Rimfire Rout

It seemed like a good idea at the time. When the Winchester Repeating Arms Co. rolled out its graceful, 10-shot semi-automatic Model 1903 rifle, it wasn’t entirely clear that the .22 Long Rifle would become the most dominant rimfire cartridge of all time.

Rifleman Q&A: What's Wrong With My Colt ACE Slide?

This “Questions & Answers” was featured in the January 2005 issue of American Rifleman.

Winchester Varmint HE .22 Long Rifle Ammunition

Winchester’s Varmint HE .22 ammo features 3/1 segmenting expansion, causing three individual wound channels on small game.

Federal Premium Adds Hunter Match .22 Long Rifle Load

Serious small-game and varmint hunters should take a look at this new load for long-range accuracy and terminal performance.

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