Benelli Vinci

American Rifleman Editor-in-Chief Mark Keefe got hands-on photos with the brand new Benelli Vinci shotgun, showcasing its revolutionary design and features. From the article "The Benelli Vinci."

Keefe Report: Gratitude for Our First Freedom

On this day of Thanksgiving, be grateful for the Creator who granted the Right to Keep and Bear Arms to all free Americans. (Library of Congress image)

The Keefe Report: The Future of Colt

Colt is just more than a gun factory. It's the essence of Americana. Now, CZ Group is helping to build them up.

Beretta and the M9A3: Update

Today American Rifleman's Mark Keefe is at Beretta USA in Accokeek, Md., doing something that no sitting governor of the state of Maryland has done: visit the plant that has manufactured the M9 pistol that has served the United States military since the 1980s.*

Remington: Commemorating 200 Years

The “Big Green” isn’t going to let the opportunity to celebrate 200 years of gunmaking slip by—let’s face it, this is the first time an American gunmaker has reached the two-century mark.

The Keefe Report: Stoeger Firearms

The company featured on this month’s cover has traveled an interesting road. It started on Fifth Avenue in New York City in 1918. That’s when Austrian immigrant Alexander F. Stoeger sent out his first fliers advertising guns and accessories.

The Keefe Report: 1911 Pistols Then and Now

"...the .45 Colt’s automatic; the latest, the most deadly, the finest and the best hand arm which had yet to be produced by man.”

Gun of the Week: Colt Python

GOTW Colt PythonGun of the Week: Colt Python

Gun of the Week: Springfield XD-S 9 mm

Gun of the Week: Springfield XD-S 9 mm

American Rifleman TV: UZI .22 Rimfire Carbine by Walther

The UZI Rimfire by Walther is a civilian-legal blowback carbine chambered in .22 Long Rifle. Its controls are very similar to the original UZI and it is a blast to shoot, as show in this Rifleman Review.

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