Record-Breaking Gun Sales Pace Continues

Firearm sales continue at record paces amid the uncertainty of the presidential-election results.

Fear & Loading: Reports of Flat Gun Sales Greatly Exaggerated

BATFE NICS figures don’t support the contention that firearm sales are slumping significantly.

Fear & Loading: Firearm Sales Showing Interesting Trends

A continuation of a “new norm” in gun sales below last year’s totals is reflected in November’s NICS figures.

Fear & Loading: NICS Up, But Are Sales New or Used?

At least one major gun company reports its sales figures indicate the widely reported increase may be indicative of transfers of used, not new, firearms

Fear & Loading: Gun Sales—Up Nearly 16 Points in August

The increase comes on the heels of modest gains posted in July, June and May, although it’s still too early to predict whether this year’s total will beat 2018’s numbers.

June Gun Sales Set All-Time Record

The NICS Background Check system totaled nearly four million recorded checks in June 2020, more than any other month since recording began.

Fear & Loading: 2018 Gun Purchases Down 6.1 Percent

The FBI posted December’s NICS figures on Tuesday—delayed due to the partial Federal shutdown—and Reuters is reporting gun sales nationwide for 2018 were down 6.1 percent from 2017.

Fear & Loading: Alabama CCW Holders Impacted by BATFE Decision

FFL holders conducting business in Alabama who are in possession of a valid state-issued concealed carry permit must now undergo a NICS background check.

August Gun Sales Down But Demand Continues

The number of firearms sales for 2021 have dropped from what it was in 2020, but the demand from the market is still high.


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