Remington Revolvers In The Civil War

When one thinks of percussion revolvers in U.S. military service, Colt’s percussion revolvers tend to be the first to come to mind, but Remington revolvers played an important, if often overlooked, role as well.

Excels All Others: The Spencer Carbine

During the American Civil War, the best carbine used by cavalry troopers on either side was the seven-shot, repeating Spencer. The Model 1860 and 1865 Spencer carbines saw service into the Indian Wars and were replaced by an arguably inferior arm, the “Trapdoor” carbine.

Colt's Model 1855 Revolving Rifle In The Civil War

Though eclipsed by other repeaters—such as the Henry and Spencer—the rifle version of Col. Colt’s percussion revolver saw field service with Yankee forces throughout America’s bloodiest conflict.

Colt's New Model Holster Pistol In The Civil War

Though its first deliveries were to the South, it was also the handgun most used by Federal cavalry.


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