Where Can I Get... ? Springfield XD45 Ultimate Match Trigger Kit and Extended Grip Safety

The Springfield XD45 is a service-grade pistol that is often associated with a long trigger take-up and fairly low-profile grip safety that can make consistent engagement a bit difficult for some folks.

Where Can I Get? ... Retrofit Piston Kit

For those wishing to convert a direct-gas-impingement AR to piston operation, Superlative Arms offers its Retrofit Piston Kit that is designed to keep the action clean of carbon residue and heat.

Where Can I Get? ... Red-Dot Sight Mount

Although many modern pistols feature Picatinny rail sections molded or machined into their dustcovers, most do not have their slides’ tops machined for the mounting of red-dot sights.

Where Can I Get ...? Daniel Defense DD Wave 7.62 (QD) Suppressor

A 3D-printed, inconel suppressor that is made in the U.S., the Daniel Defense DD Wave 7.62 (QD) suppressor features a one-piece design that eliminates the need for traditional baffle-to-tube welding.

Where Can I Get ... Mag Funnels

Extended magazine wells, or “mag funnels,” make magazine changes faster by providing a larger target area for inserting a loaded replacement magazine quickly into the gun.

Where Can I Get … Weatherproof Targets

Gone are the days of water-logged paper targets; Rite in the Rain offers a wide selection of weatherproof targets that are approved for use in NRA-sanctioned matches.

Where Can I Get ... A Modern Stock Upgrade For M14/M1A-style Rifles

A modern stock upgrade for M14/M1A-style rifles, the Blackfeather RS modular chassis is precision-machined from 6061 aluminum alloy with a hard coat anodized finish and patterned from the U.S. G.I. fiberglass stock.

Where Can I Get … An Ideal Daypack

A backpack developed for the burgeoning community of sportswomen, Slumberjack’s Wild-Her pack has all the bells and whistles that characterize an ideal daypack—generous capacity (2,016 cu. in.), durable construction, comfort-enhancing adjustments and hydration-system compatibility.

Where Can I Get … Steel Targets

Shooters love to ring steel at the range, but personal ownership of steel targets is suppressed somewhat by the fact that most metallic targets are heavy, cumbersome and expensive.

Where Can I Get . . . : RST Classic Shotshells

Vintagers, double-gun hunters and other shotgun buffs whose preferred loads aren’t carried by their local big-box store can find a wide array of low-pressure, low-recoil, high-performance options via online seller RST Classic Shotshells.

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