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Vietnam: The Short-Range Shooting War

In 1969, Brig. Gen. S.L.A. Marshall took a comprehensive look at the state of marksmanship...

A Pleasant Surprise: Sovereign Shotguns By Barrett

What started as a nice over-under and a side-by-side has grown into the Barrett Sovereign line...

Video: Barrett Fieldcraft Rifle

Barrett continues its foray into the sporting market with the introduction of the Fieldcraft Rifle.

Editors’ Picks 2017: Barrett Fieldcraft Rifle

Barrett, a manufacturer long known primarily for its .50-cal tactical rifles, branched into a whole...

SHOT Show 2017: Barrett Sovereign B-X Pro Shotgun

Barrett is a name best known for Ronnie Barrett's .50-cal. semi-automatic rifle. These days, his...

SHOT Show 2017: Barrett Sovereign Albany Shotgun

The Barrett Sovereign Albany is a delightful round body over-under with full coverage engraving and...

SHOT Show 2017: Barrett Fieldcraft Bolt-Action Rifle

The Tennessee-based company has done it yet again at SHOT Show 2017 with the announcement...

Barrett Model 82/M107 Named Tennessee Official State Rifle

The Barrett Model 82/M107 has been named Tennessee’s official state rifle.

Editors' Picks 2016—Barrett Sovereign Shotguns

Barrett has a surprise for you: shotguns. And not just any shotguns.

Throwback Thursday—Vietnam: The Short-Range War

This week's "Throwback Thursday" is part of a special report titled "Can U.S. Troops Still...

“Where Will We Bury Them All?” Finnish Arms Of The Winter War

Invaded by the expansionist Soviet Union in 1939, the Finns, a small nation of practiced...

Guns of the Falklands War

Despite both countries’ modernity, the Falklands conflict contained a lot of conventional fighting.